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William Branham - The late William Branham (1909-1965), claimed to have a prophecy of the 7 seals ? and visitations from Jesus. Branham proclaimed himself to be the angel of Revelation 3:14 and 10:7. He prophesied the word of God was given in 3 forms ? the Zodiac, the Egyptian pyramids, and the written scripture. Branham denied the trinity ? teaching the 'Jesus Only' brand of Pentecostalism, and taught that Eve had sex with the snake in the garden ? the so-called "serpent seed" doctrine. Branham taught the last days would be characterized by a single last day prophet, and it is believed that South Carolina preacher R. G. Stair sought to capitalize on this by dubbing himself the `last day prophet.' Branham is highly revered by many to this very day, but his doctrine is thoroughly false and all `Branhamite' preachers should be vigorously avoided.

WBCQ - Shortwave radio station carrying The Christian Media Network. Run by former Shortwave pirate Allan Weiner, 4 transmitters presently operational including two carrying CMN in the evenings at 9.330 in compatible sideband, and 7.415 in full power AM.

Weinland, Ronald - Armstrongist author of book 2008-2010 God's Final Witness. See the ProFile essay God's Final Witness Is Ronald Weinland? 

Witch Of Endor - Famous figure from Old Testament consulted by King Saul. More on Witch Of Endor

Witchcraft - SAncient form of heathen belief loosely related to pantheism. The Craft was present in Old Testament times, and has flowered into multiple forms of false doctrine in contemporary times. See the essay Christian Witchcraft for an example.

WJIE - Shortwave radio station controlled by Assembly of God 501C3 rapture cult church.

Wohlberg, Steve - Prophecy writer engaged in Stealth Adventism, a practice where SDA figures propagate the unscriptural doctrine of Adventism, but deceitfully go to great lengths to conceal their doctrinal affiliation. See The Pope Invented Futurist Prophecy?

WRMI - Radio Miami International. Formed by Cuban expatriots to field an anti-Castro signal. Began carrying Christian programs in late 1990's. Now the flagship station for the evening broadcasts of the Christian Media Network at 7.385.

WWRB  - Formerly WGTG, whose motto was With Glory To God, most called it With Glory To Gold. Station is run by "evangelist" Dave Franz, and was originally built to broadcast Brother Stair. Franz considers the Internet a competitor and when any programmer seeks to promote their Internet streams, he censors them. More on this station is found in the first volume of the book series Shortwave Wars.

WWCR - World Wide Christian Radio, powerful shortwave radio station with long history of Christian shortwave.

Worldwide Church Of God - Religious ministry developed by the late Herbert W Armstrong. See the House That Herbert Built in the ProFiles section under False Prophets.

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