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An Alphabetized Index Of Groups, Individuals And Doctrines


Tabor, James - See Snapshots J

Taube, Michael - False Prophet formerly associated with the Threshing Floor radio program. See Descent Into Darkness: The Madness Of Michael Taube.

Ten Kings - Prophesied political block which Daniel and Revelation states will rule the world. There arrival is synchronized with the arrival of the 8th head of Revelation. For a look at the cycle occurring at the United Nations, see Antichrist Will Arrive When Security Council Reform Is Completed. See also The Nephilim Will Be In Direct Control Of Government Of Antichrist. For another aspect of the tenfold prophecies, see also The Mingling.

Third Way - Political variant of the "third world" or non-aligned nations seen during the Cold War era when the two superpowers pressured all nations to choose sides. A similar process is underway in the present global conflict between the industrialized Northern states and the developing Southern nations. For more, see the essays The Third Way part 1 and The Third Way part 2 as well as the 2 hour CD set The Third Way.

Threshing Floor - Agricultural term found in the King James Bible associated with the harvest, "threshing" is the process of separating the valuable portion of the crop from the waste product -- also known as the chaff. The term reap is similar. A Threshing "floor" is the place or room where the process occurs. In Scripture, the imagery and literary allusions to threshing are associated with judgment and reaping. For instance, Jesus speaks about how His angels will "gather the wheat into my barn" whereas He will also "say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them..." (Matthew 13:30). The Threshing Floor is also the name of a radio prophecy radio ministry of the Christian Media Network. Heard weekdays (see the broadcast schedule at for program time and frequencies) on CMN, the show hosts include Randy Maugans, Sue Patterson, and Jeff Cross. Archived programs may be downloaded from

Toledoth Yeshu - Medieval Jewish manuscript attacking Christianity. See Satanic Translations: Shem Tov & The Toledoth Yeshu.

Tom Deckard - Describes self as "Messianic" Jewish prophet. Deckard's ministry is Cradle Of Hope Inc, thus it is clear he is in conformity to the beast via licensing through corporation regulatory submission. Although it is unknown if COH possesses a 501(c)3 status, website states "Cradle of Hope is a non-profit religious organization" -- a dead giveaway. Has a star of Satan on his website, another indicator of the apostate spirit that inhabits "messianic Judaism." Deckard's website seems to avoid doctrinal statements, but he has a link to something called the "Jewish Christian webring" -- an oxymoron under the New Covenant. Another page has a banner "Ephraim come home!" -- a typical mark of the two house perspective (see Two House notes below). See also The Two House Twist book. Deckard is touring with the Prophecy Club, yet another indicator in that believers should not associate with reprobate organizations or be unequally yoked.

He holds services at "Cradle Of Hope Prophetic Center" in Fairfield IL, and next to the Ephraim banner proclaims "Beth Yisrael Synagogue Messianic Jewish Congregation Sabbath service Friday 7 PM" -- apparently preaching a gospel custom tailored for Jews. On the plus side, Deckard tells people to prepare for tribulational events and to store food and supplies -- but then even the Beast's FEMA agency is doing that now. 

Tom Demeter - A complete prophetic crackpot. See Snapshots D for details.

Tom Gaston - Internet Bible Code promoter, Rapture Cultist

Tom Valentine - Long time shortwave and satellite radio talk show host. Many programs on health related issues. In recent years, converted to Preterist Apostasy, and now avidly promotes the heresy. Frequently associated with Preterist figure Don Anderson.

Tom Van Asperen - Former speaker on Prophecy Club circuit until unmasked for repeated sexual infractions during speaking tour. Tom Van Asperen is a complete reprobate to be shunned and avoided. For a more detailed account, see the ProFile under his name in the section on Wolves.

Two House Theology - Broad based term referring to movement seeking to merge portions of Messianic Judaism with various Israel Identity systems. Closely associated with the "Hebrew Roots" movement, the emphasis is on the separate identities of "Israel" as defined by the lost tribe scenario which has the Western Europeans as the "lost" ten tribes, and "Judah" as the contemporary Christian equivalent of Jewish Christianity. Like many newer movements, the terminology and definitions mean different things to different groups.

Although some Two House teachers, such as Eddie Chumney, specifically deny the 'lost tribes as the white Europeans' version, they inconsistently state that "Ephraim" was scattered and assimilated into the nations to later emerge as the Christian church that has adopted so many pagan ways. In this fashion, Messianic Judaism becomes the light that brings "Ephraim" back to the truth of their Hebrew roots. The movement mixes freely with Christ rejecting Jewish groups, and sees themselves as the bridge (read dialectic synthesis) of Judaism and Christianity. See Dragonspeak for more on the Dialectic formula, a process which has clearly produced the Two House Twist. See also Dialectic in the Snapshots section. Two House is frequently associated with the Sacred Name doctrine, and many adherents are also caught in the Tim Cohen engineered Prince Charles as Antichrist nonsense. 

Temple Mount - The term describes the theoretical locale for the ancient temples of Israel. It is used by many that believe a literal third temple will be built as part of the rapture cult scenario associated with the false doctrine of a 7 year treaty made by Antichrist. Scripture flatly teaches the true temple under the New Covenant is the believer, thus the "Christians" that are avid supporters of groups such as Israel's Temple Mount Faithful are indirectly embracing the Antichrist.

Tim Butler - former associate of South Carolina cultist Brother Stair, Tim Butler operates under the name Remnant's Hope. His dispensational perspective demonstrates he does not understand the term remnant. For a detailed look at Butler and Remnant's Hope, see his ProFile under Ministries.

Truth Radio - Patriot broadcast radio network owned by Richard Palmquist. Originally held 2 FM stations and broadcast network feed on Satellite. The FM's were sold by Palmquist, and after eschewing Shortwave and dropping Satellite during several financial retrenchments, Truth Radio Network is now Internet only with a very modest listener base.

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